EmailMela Features



Our tools make it easy for you to reach out to your followers with a periodic newsletter.

Beautiful Email Templates

The most important aspect of your campaign is the email that your customers receive.

24/7 Email Support

Our support team is always at your service, 24×7×365 days/year. Contact us if you need some love!

Manage Contacts

Upload, grow and relax! With our contacts tools, you can be sure to have all the details of your email marketing efforts handled.

First Class Email Delivery

Reaching the inbox is our mutual end goal. Take comfort in knowing you have a team of specialists that share this goal with you.

Triggered Emails

Take action with triggered autoresponders to reach your audience. When users open an email, click on a specific link, join your email list or even unsubscribe, you can respond using our tools.

Email Client & Spam Testing

Preview your email across the most popular mail clients and get detailed spam analysis reports all before sending your campaign.

Custom Branding

Whether you want to provide email services to existing customers or you want to build an email marketing platform, we have a turn-key solution for you.

Detailed Activity Reports

Time to track your results with our beautiful visual representation of your statistics integrated seemlessly with your detailed email log.


Gain access to unlimited sub-accounts. Separate your mail by type or for your own clients to get the best results.

Contact Profiles

Know your contacts. Collect and maintain detailed contact profiles.


Our powerful segmentation tool lets you created very targeted groups of contacts for personalized messages.

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